Pet Readings, Spirit Sessions or Health Sessions with Karen Rose

Pet Readings, Spirit Sessions or Health Sessions with Karen Rose Karen can be contacted through her website for readings

Pet Readings require a picture of your pet (no people in the pictures please, just the pet) *Cell Phone Pictures Can Be Used* and Karen will relay what your pet would like you to know as well as any past lives you may have shared together.

Spirit Sessions for yourself involve a reading using animal tarot and oracle cards. These sessions are for those who wish to have messages from Spirit via animal tarot and oracle cards. Each session may also include a visualization journey so you can discover your spirit animal that you are working with to help you on your journey if you wish.

Health Sessions are available for those who wish to know why they are having the health issues that they are, what they can do about it and what foods their bodies prefer.

Prices for Pet Readings or Spirit Sessions are:
15 minutes for $30.00
30 minutes for $60.00
60 minutes for $120.00

Prices for Health Sessions are:
30 minutes for $50
60 minutes for $100

Book with us now to reserve your spot by calling us at (780) 591-2015!

For other available reading dates outside the shop you can get contact information for Karen via her website  via instagram @karenrose_wellness

and on Face Book via



Karen also offers past life regression sessions, distance healing sessions for pets and people as well as mind, body, spirit coaching sessions.

From Karen: Would you like to hear what your animals are trying to tell you? Book a session with me and they will tell you everything! Animals tell me how they are feeling, what is right and what is wrong in their life. They are relieved that someone is able to hear them and be their voice. I have always enjoyed being around animals. They are kind, loving, and forgiving. I have worked with horses, dogs, cats, chickens, and even a pig! During a session I am often guided to give a healing as well. The sessions I have with animals work on many levels. Would you like to hear what Spirit would like to tell you? Book a Spirit Session to have messages channelled just for you. Want to know how to take better care of your health? Then a Health Session is just for you! Find out what happens by booking your session today!

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